Licensed Professional Counseling

What is a Licensed Professional Counselor and why “therapy” at school?

Counseling provides a space for students to address emotional and mental health needs in an environment conducive to growth. Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) are licensed mental health professionals that use evidence-based therapeutic interventions to better address students’ mental and emotional needs. Going to counseling is not uncommon and this opportunity has become accessible at school.

As licensed professional counselors, we are trained in a variety of therapies including CBT: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR: Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, and other evidence-based psychotherapies which provide individualized treatment so students can develop coping skills, emotion regulation, gain social growth, and gain the skills to better manage daily experiences. Meeting with an LPC regularly can also provide the opportunity to work through and heal from past traumas that may be hindering their current daily living. 

While there are certainly limitations to school therapy, many of the issues addressed are :




Transitional Issues


Family Related Issues

Healthy Relationships


Licensed Professional Counselors:

9th Grade Students - Sara Eddy

Located in the 9th grade campus office

[email protected] 

10th-12th Grade Students A-Le: Jane Dickerson

Located in the main campus library

[email protected]

10th-12th Grade Students Li-Z: Kelsie McLeod

Located in the main campus library

[email protected] 

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