Student Parking Information

Please use the following diagrams to ensure safe, and fast parking here at Brazoswood High School!

Morning Traffic Flow - Please see diagram above - we will begin changes on September 6

Student Lot is ENTRANCE ONLY from 6:45-7:45 - you will exit out the back drive if you enter

Front MC half circle will be Right turn only upon exiting to keep traffic flowing on Brazoswood Drive

Back road 9th grade should ONLY be in the field house lane if intending to park in this lot - student drop off is intended for center lane to the half circle

Lakeview is not a preferred street to enter the front drop off area - please turn right onto Brazoswood Drive from this side street

Crosswalks - Please watch for students in the crosswalks

We cannot accommodate 2,000 student drop offs between 7:15-7:30, please attempt to drop off earlier to allow for more cars to flow for a longer amount of time - with the earlier start time, there are just more cars in a shorter period, please help with this time crunch.

Courteous driving will make the morning much more pleasant for everyone.

Seniors can register now for parking following the link under "Student Parking Permit Form", and Juniors will be eligible to register starting August 15th!

Please read this form concerning Traffic Flow here at Brazoswood HS before parking or picking up/dropping off students: BWood HS Traffic Flow Information.docx

Main Parking Area Map (Yellow/Blue/Pink/Orange Lots)

Yellow Lot- Nearest to Wilson Field (Baseball field)
Blue Lot- Band Practice area (Must be vacated EACH day by 3:10)
Pink Lot- Nearest to the 9th grade campus
Orange Lot(s)-Between Blue and Pink and a few spaces on outer edge of blue lot 

New Student Parking Area Map (Green Lot)

Green Lot- Nearest to Brazoswood Drive Entrance (the “new” lot) 

Slade Field Student Parking Area Map (Black Lot)

Black Lot- Slade Field (will only be sold as overflow of student parking later in the year)
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