Wall of Fame

The purpose of BISD's Wall of Fame is to recognize graduates of Brazosport ISD who have demonstrated a high level of achievement in their field of endeavor and/or who have made significant contributions through achievement, service or leadership.


  • Graduate of Brazosport ISD
  • Graduated at least 12 years prior to the recognition
  • Attended a BISD high school for at least two years
  • Meet the criteria for recognition as stated in the purpose
  • One winner from each high school community may be selected
  • Current Brazosport ISD superintendent or serving board members may not be nominated
  • All nominations are subject to a background check

To nominate someone for the 2024 BISD Wall of Fame, click HERE!
The deadline to submit candidate nominations for the 2024 Brazosport Independent School District’s Wall of Fame is September 6.

Selected honorees will be celebrated during the halftimes of the last HOME football games of the season.
BISD began the recognition of graduates who have demonstrated a high level of achievement in their field of endeavor, and who have made significant contributions through achievement, service, and/or leadership in 2007. Since then, thirty-five graduates have been honored.


For more information you can contact Karla Christman at (979) 730-7057 or email at [email protected]

Nomination Guidelines

Nomination Form

2023 Honorees:
Dr. Richard Neel (Brazoswood, Class of 1974)
Nan Gayle Chambers Bass (Brazosport, Class of 1953)
Ronald (Ronnie) Barnes (Brazosport, Class of 1975

2022 Honorees:
Sandra Tidwell Shaw (Brazosport, Class of 1964)
Heidi Ronje Whitehead (Brazoswood, Class of 1998)

2021 Honorees:
Kathy Faulkner Garrison (Brazoswood, Class of 1971)
Teresa Sagredo Arroyo (Brazosport, Class of 1992)

2020 Wall of Fame:  No honorees due to the COVID Pandemic 

2019 Honorees:
Judge Rick Hill (Brazoswood, Class of 1976)
Johnnie Redden (Freeport, Class of 1948)
Monsignor Leo Wleczyk (Brazosport, Class of 1957)

2018 Honorees:
Dr. Jose Figueroa (Brazosport, Class of 2001)
Gerald Roznovsky (Brazoswood, Class of 1975)

2017 Honorees:
Marshal William Tidwell (Brazosport, Class of 1974)
Ron & Sheree Speir (Brazoswood, Classes of 1974 & 75)

2016 Honorees:
Mayor Joe E. Rinehart (Brazosport, Class of 1966)
Lucilla Longoria Henderson (Brazoswood, Class of 1979)

2015 Honorees:
Sheriff Charles Wagner (Brazosport, Class of 1964)
Dennis Lindsey (Brazoswood, Class of 1987)

2014 Honorees:
Naomi Antill Smith (Brazosport, Class of 1955)
John Collin Goff (Brazoswood, Class of 1973)

2013 Honorees:
Ronnie Broaddus (Brazosport, Class of 1970)
Judge Ogden Bass (Brazosport, Class of 1953)
Senator Rand Paul (Brazoswood, Class of 1981)
Judge Jack Brown (Brazoswood, Class of 1971)

2012 Honorees:
U.S. Navy Lt. Raul David Jimenez (Brazosport, Class of 1993)
Mrs. Betty Jo Rice-Ketchum (Brazosport, Class of 1953)

2011 Honorees:
Dr. L. Scott Smith (Brazosport, Class of 1963)
Rebecca "Becka" Ryder (Brazosport, Class of 1982)

2010 Honorees:
Reverend Dr. Stephen Bryant (Brazosport, Class of 1968)
Major General Gerald Perryman (Brazosport, Class of 1966)

2009 Honorees:
Mr. Marcus Stephenson (Brazosport, Class of 1954)
Ms. Sula Lowe-Baye (Lanier, Class of 1960)
Dr. David Graham (Brazosport, Class of 1959)

2008 Honorees:
Dr. Andrew Sansom (Brazosport, Class of 1964)
Dr. Eric Westerman (Brazosport, Class of 1964)

2007 Honorees:
Mr. Robert "Bob" Walker (Brazosport, Class of 1966)
Mrs. Carolyn Harper Johnson (Lanier, Class of 1965)
Mr. James "Jim" Martin (Brazoswood, Class of 1975)

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